Unannounced Changes to Conflict of Nations WW3 Game Upkeeps

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In the latest update of the Conflict of Nations WW3 game, players have noticed significant and unforeseen modifications to the upkeep of all units. Reports indicate that the game’s developer, Dorado, has yet to make any official statement regarding this update.

Upon further investigation, it has been discovered that there is a substantial flaw in the chart, specifically, the BM sub missing manpower upkeep. As a result, there has been a remarkable increase of over 10 percent in upkeeps before and after the update.

The absence of communication from Dorado regarding this update has resulted in widespread concern and anxiety among players. This sudden alteration in the game has affected their gameplay and strategic approach, leaving them perplexed and frustrated.

Players have expressed their dissatisfaction through various social media platforms and online forums, demanding immediate answers from Dorado regarding this unanticipated update. Some have even gone as far as to threaten to abandon the game altogether if the developer does not address their concerns.

In response to the wave of negative feedback from the players, Dorado has finally released an official statement acknowledging the chart error and apologizing for any inconvenience caused. They have promised to work tirelessly to fix the issue and update the game as soon as possible.

Sharing is Caring!


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